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Stray Dog Roleplay - Cobalt's Biography

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Stray Dog Roleplay - Cobalt's Biography

Post  Atropine on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:17 am

Name: Cobalt

Gender: Male

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Šarplaninac

Coat: Thick and medium in length - Cobalt's fur ranges in shades of grey throughout his body, with iron grey brindle on his back which fades out into white underneath his abdomen. A light shade of grey dominates most of his body, however his muzzle is a bold chocolate brown colour. He has four white socks. His fur can be quite silky and soft, however due to rough living it has taken to become matted and scruffy-looking.

Eyes: Ochre.

Dimensions: As he is a Šarplaninac, Cobalt is very large and has quite a heavy build. Due to him being a stray, he is quite malnourished however this is hidden by most of his fur.

Personality: Cobalt is a reserved, sometimes frosty canine; he refrains from putting his trust into others, therefore it takes are while to establish a friendship with him. However, he is a fierce friend and an even fiercer enemy - he will defend his friends and put himself on the line. He is a bit of an attention seeker, and is rather competitive in getting praise and glory. Cobalt's disposition can change; sometimes he is argumentative and belligerent, however on the flip side he can show some sympathy and compassion. He likes things done his way, and can get fairly agitated if someone voices a contradicting view - he doesn't like being proved wrong in the slightest.

History: Cobalt was born into a farm in the country, where he spent the first few months of his life. He recalls small snippets of this place, and from what he remembers it was a beautiful and comforting environment - he was fed, watered, and cared for. Cobalt was then sold on to a family in the city; there he felt claustrophobic and alone, with no green pastures to roam around in with his siblings. The inexperienced first-time owners could not handle Cobalt as he grew older and much, much larger. Instead of going through the cost or hassle of putting him in a shelter, the family abandoned him in hope that he would be found and taken in somewhere else. Acting on initiative, Cobalt ended up treading upon Serenity Village. Five years had passed since arriving upon this village, and felt that he 'ruled the roost', until he stumbled upon the existence of many more strays.



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