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Stray Dog Roleplay- Nikkie's Biography

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Stray Dog Roleplay- Nikkie's Biography

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:12 am

Name- Nikkie

Age- 7 years

Gender- Female

Breed- Border Collie

Coloring- Nikkie is a minimal black and white. Mainly spots around face and legs, patched around belly and back.

Eye color- Nikkie's eyes are a deep blue.

Scars- Nikkie used to be a fighting dog, and has many scars along her neck and legs, she also has a few scars along her rump. These are usually covered by her fur and never seen though.

Flaws- Nikkie has a few flaws, but her main one is that she is deaf in one ear. She can only hear things to her right, so she gets deathly scared if approached from the left.

History- I'm to lazy to type this up right now, maybe later.

Personality- Nikkie is a very foul dog, she does not trust easily and often picks a fight. She is not one to speak to anyone and will attack if led to do so.



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