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The Stray Dog Roleplay - Lydda's Biography (Updated and fixed)

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The Stray Dog Roleplay - Lydda's Biography (Updated and fixed)

Post  Silvie on Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:18 pm

This is the biography for my character on the new roleplay, The Stray Dog Roleplay. :3

Name: Lydda

Gender: Female

Age: About 2-and-a-half years old; quite young

Dog Breed: Collie & Siberian Husky mix

Physical Build: Lightweight, with long, graceful legs. Lydda is not very muscular, and though she can take short sprints in very fast bursts, she isn't very spectacular in her physical abilities, even for a dog. Though she's well capable, she just isn't as capable as she'd like to be.

Eye Color: A light blue, with some tiny tinges of brown.

Fur Colors: Black and white. Lydda's back is coated in black, which slopes down around her sides, tail, and back of her neck. Her sides and belly are a splotched white, as well as much of her legs and the tip of her tail. White covers her face in fancy patterns; the only tint in her coat is the gray one that seems to appear at the edges of her two colors when she is in the full light, when she is at her prettiest.

Markings/Scars: Lydda has a splotch of white on her chest which looks a bit like a crescent moon. Lydda treasures it. The only scar she has is that on the inside of her right foreleg, which she earned in a fight between three other stray dogs not long at all after she set out into Serenity Village. It's hardly visible, though, so even Lydda herself could forget about it.

References: Mostly pictures of Lydda's time when she was "owned", a "pet"; which words she could never understand. The rare times when she could get a little peace:

Calm Lydda:

Sleeping Lydda:

Winking Lydda:

Personality: Lydda is a calm soul; she normally prefers to stay quiet and knowledgable in most things. Though she can become irritable or depressed, she usually likes to look at things on the bright side and offer her gentle opinion on things, giving out her impressive wisdom. However, after she moved out, the harsh wilds of the Serenity Village forced her to drop such a positive outlook and, instead of looking right over the box, to look around the box; she learned to fight, to scavenge, to survive on her own, because she had to; lately she has been spending more time being quiet, too depressed to do anything else. She will take a while to cheer up again, and it takes a great effort to get her to smile or even hint at her normal personality. Perhaps one day she can be awakened by someone unaffected by the sad wilds of the village.

History: Lydda was born in a litter of 4 others; 3 sisters and one brother. She lived the fairly normal life of a domestic dog until, at the very young age of 6 weeks, her family was taken away from her. Her mother was pulled away, her siblings ripped out of the whelping box, and, poor Lydda, being the smallest in her litter, was dumped off in a corner of the house. There she struggled to survive, unsure and scared. She was abused, and she could only hope, with her amazingly positive attitude, that something wonderful would happen to her. It never did. She managed to deal with it, somehow, until a few months after she turned 2. Now at least big and strong enough to fend for herself, Lydda found a way out and ran away, out into the hazardous world of the wild Serenity Village, the world of strays. Lydda had no idea what laid before her, and dove right in, hoping to somehow find her family whom she had lost so long ago. The harsh new place, however, was too much for her to handle, and quickly changed her calm, happy-go-lucky personality. She became depressed and snappy, and one day, three bony dogs confronted her near the forest edge. Lydda had no choice but to fight for her life when the dogs threatened her; when she was flipped over, she recieved a sharp, tearing bite on the inside of her leg, which still remains as a scar. She escaped alright, but she was changed forever by the sad new world she lived in. Now, about 3 months later, she still wanders about, depressed, frightened, and unsure. She never found her family.

Likes: Calm times, the faint memories of her family, the sound of the rain, good food, comfortable spots...

Dislikes: People, fights, being scared, life in Serenity Village, dark and eerie nights, growling sounds in the pitch black...

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