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Stray Dog Roleplay - Fwee's Biography

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Stray Dog Roleplay - Fwee's Biography

Post  Cerberus on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:28 pm

Fwee - The lord of all that is treats

Name: Fwee
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Dog Breed: Border Terrier
Eye Color: One eye is a reddish chestnut color, the other eye is a misty blue color due to him being blind in that eye.
Information on the dog's breed:

Personality: Fwee is really mellow and overly intelligent for his young age. He doesn't do cute, and often gets annoyed at being cooed at by people; often showing something similar to a role of the eyes and then walking away. He's one of those dogs who would rather use brains over bronze if he happened to get into a fight; he also doesn't like fights and rather be civilized.

History: He was rased in a shelter after his owner's house burt down, he is an orphan and wanders around often being close by with his friend Rusty.

Likes: Dark allyways, junkyards, his couch(in a sertan junkyard) and sausages.
Dislikes: Being cooed at, dog catchers, the vets, leashes.

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