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Silvie's Biography

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Silvie's Biography

Post  Silvie on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:19 pm

Name: Silvie - Meaning: "Silver wind"

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years

Dimensions: 60 pounds, 3 1/2 feet tall, 5 1/2 long with tail outstretched.

Appearance: Silvie is a bright-looking wolf; most of her body is a silvery-gray, though her muzzle is white and some splotches of black do cover her back. A white-gray does lighten her face, and blotches her ears and neck; her legs are an almost glowing white and her gray tail is black-tipped. She does have a tiny marking on her gray chest which, with a good imagination, looks like a star; however, it is very hard to see, and no one but Silvie knows about it.
Silvie's eyes are a bright amber.

Build: Silvie is light-weight and agile; she is built for long periods of speed, however, she has low strength and will not do well in a tough fight. Her legs are long and powerful, which allows her to run fast and long and perform strong leaps; but her strength puts her at a disadvantage when in power fights or in one-on-one hunts. Her coat seems to be longer than other wolves', even in the summer, which can make her hot on warm days; however it does keep her very warm in the winter and allows her to swim about easily, even in cold water. Her teeth, like any wolf's, are strong and sharp enough to do damage when in hunts and fights even if her bite power doesn't.

Personality: Silvie is a shy young soul, and prefers not to investigate strangers, though she doesn't scare easily; instead, her senses always seem to be alert to anything out of the ordinary. She does prefer to wander and be alone at times, but she can and will run from anything that spooks her. But at the same time, she is curious, and the two temperaments sometimes get her into trouble, which she will dart into from time to time. Though she enjoys wandering and exploring, she loves the joys friendship and pack life brings her; she normally prefers to stay within the safety and happiness of her packmates, rather than living alone (although she does need alone time every now and then, just like anyone else). If there's anything that Silvie treasures, it's friendship; her friends are what can really bring her outgoing side out, for she will do anything to defend a precious comrade - she won't start a fight for nothing, yet she will give her life for a friend if she absolutely must. Normally, she will look up to her leaders for help and guidance; though she does have the qualities of a leader hidden somewhere in her young self, she is naturally submissive and will happily take a subordinate position.

History: Silvie was born in a simple pack, and her only siblings died not long after their birth. However, her other relatives and packmates did help take care of her, and she grew up to be a fine young wolf. But a winter blizzard seperated her from her pack, and she was forced to wander alone, only a yearling, in the cold mountains. She explored the forests alone, feeding off of hares, mice, and the occasional abandoned elk or deer carcass. One day, she found a young she-wolf not much older than her; the two lived together for a few months, enjoying friendship, until a grizzly threatened them at the only food they had found in days, as prey had been very scarce, especially for a pair of lone wolves. Silvie's friend didn't want to back down, and she quickly found herself in a periled state. Silvie, however, knew she had to do something; so she fought the bear. It simply resulted in her friend's death, and Silvie fled. She wandered for many more months, too scared and alone to speak up for herself, until she discovered a new pack who were carefree and imaginative. She liked the looks of the Free Spirits, who were not afraid to stick up for what was right, or for what was unique; they had great imaginations, and seemed to like to look at the world on the creative side. So Silvie hung around them until they began to accept her presence, and she became a Free Spirit; she has been ever since.

Enjoyments: Silvie loves to spend time with friends; she values friendship over all else, though the memory of her lost friend seems to have scarred her. She also loves running, because her body is so well built for it; swimming and laying about also pleases her. She also seems to fancy burying and storing food; ever since the lean times back when she was younger, she has valued burying leftovers, taking her time with her food, and being an opportunist.

Dislikes: Silvie hates being away from her friends, as well as fights or times that expose her or make her feel uncomfortable. Due to her shy nature, she doesn't like ignorant wolves, especially those who intrude on territories, or steal food. She also dislikes heavy snow, because it separated her from her family, and bears, because of the grizzly that killed her friend. She has a few other dislikes as well, but because she is a gentle, calm spirit most of the time and enjoys looking at the bright side, Silvie prefers not to speak about most of the things that make her sad or uncomfortable.

Known Living Relative: Armoraq; father (from the actual Avilak River Pack)

Silvie's reference: My avvie; I'll get a reference later if I can.

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