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Cerberus' Biography

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Cerberus' Biography

Post  Cerberus on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:31 am

Fen, Reaper, Cerb, Rust[don't do that]

3 1/2 years


Timber Wolf

Cerberus has a large temper; he is also very stubborn and headstrong. If he feels he should do something, despite much else, he'll do it and it will take a lot to make him change his mind. Although he may not seem like it judging by his temper and pride; he's a very intelligent wolf and likes making sure that things are going in the right direction; sometimes even with that he can seem to be rather cold hearted. He also has a sense of humor, but for some reason rather not show it.

Coming soon to theaters

His body is mainly built for stamina, so naturally he isn't much of a fast wolf. His body has a high endurance level, but on average he is a medium sized wolf.

He has a gray 'mask' marking that starts up from his snout and circles around the eyes. On his gray snout marking, he has a white one that trails all the way down his back and to where his tail starts. The tip of his paws are white, and he has a gray underbelly and fox marked tail.

Amber Golden

Biography Base by Kuro Ayame
Reference Picture Base by Akreon

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