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Sierra's Biography

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Sierra's Biography

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:58 am

Sierra's Biography

Name: Sierra

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years old

Weight: 30 lbs

Height: 28 inches

Length: 60 inches

Appearance: Sierra is mainly a white coloring, but her underfur is a light silvery grey, giving her pelt a shadowed effect. She has solid, white brown markings around her ears and shoulders. She also has light brown as a muzzle stripe. All four of her paws are a dark black, but not dark enough to be called pitch black. She is part dog, meaning not all of her physical features are those of a wolf. Her face is shaped more of a lab's, but not enough to make a difference. Overall, she looks more wolf than dog, and from afar you would have a hard time seeing dog characteristics, aside from the strange patterns in her pelt.

Personality: Sierra is a very outgoing, strong minded wolf. She is curious about anything and everything and doesn't seem to know the meaning of "danger". She is a kind soul and loves every bit of life, even the smallest of insects she enjoys. She doesn't mind what would be going on around her and won't take notice of what doesn't involve her. Despite her outgoing mind and love for things, she is not afraid to speak out when something doesn't seem right to her, and jump in to defend anyone if the urge is present. She often reflects her views in most conversations, especially if what's being discussed goes against what she believes.

History: Sierra was born in a small litter of 4 pups. Being the strongest she learned how to gain the upper hand in battle and conflicts. Therefor becoming ready for near anything that nature threw at her. She was always in a competition against the whole pack and would try to stand anyone up. Two of her siblings died in a river accident and Sierra was blamed. To avoid injury she ran and never returned. All of her life everything was another curse to her, and she became bitter towards others. She changed this when she found a mate and had pups, but they passed away due to a bear accident, her mate had ran away. She hasn't been a talkative wolf since then and doesn't like to greet others. She has let herself go.

[May add more later]

(Picture notes:
Lineart: Kay Fedewa
Yes her pups are there.
Yes the sleeping pup is Mahina from the Banishing Winds Pack.
This is the only image I had of Sierra! And she's a pain to color)


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