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Addyote / Addy

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Addyote / Addy

Post  Addyote on Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:18 pm

Name: Addyote, or Addy. Any name/nickname will suffice.

Age: About 3 years of age.

Eye Color: Light blue

Pelt Color(s): Light and dark brown, tan.

Markings: A tan chest and two streaks up from her chest to her ears. She is light brown on the forehead, back, and left and right of the chest. Her ears are dark brown, as well as her mane. Right above both eyes, there is also a dark brown horizontal streak.


-Temporary- (By Ikyote on WolfQuest)

Personality: Addy isn't very shy, to say in short. She does get irritated quickly, and judges wolves as soon as she sees them depending on appearance, and it will take time for her to realize that she was wrong. She has firm morals and doesn't like to be ordered around, or to be wrong. If you aggravate her she normally turns tail and walks away without another word. She is not the one to say 'sorry', however will wait it out until you apologize to her. Addy holds long grudges... Although it takes a while for her to accept someone for who they really are, she's a friend 'till the end if you can put up with her. She's always there to give her friends advice and is never afraid to back down from any challenge.

Interests: Racing, irritating people, hunting, butterflies, food.

Dislikes: Loud noises, being proven wrong, any trace of humans, fire, large bodies of water, earthquakes.

Siblings: She has a brother named Ikyote, who looks much like her: (art is NOT by me-that is a friend's art.. we decided to make our wolves siblings =P).

History: She lived with her pack which consisted of: herself, her mother, her father, her brother, and her other siblings. She was as close to her brother as possible, and they were always within sight of one another. One day there was an earthquake and she was separated from her family and her brother. She has no idea whether they are alive or not.

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