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Derek's Bio

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Derek's Bio

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:44 pm

Name: Derek
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Years 7 Months
Wolf Species: Iberian Wolf
Bodily Build: Muscular and large
Derek tries to hide from his past but he does not let that get the best of him. He has a very hard time keeping a a straight face and the smallest of things makes him laugh. Don't take offense when he laughs at you, he may be laughing about something from yesterday. Though his past still haunts him he looks forward to the new day, with his friends and family. Being the awesomely funny and laid back wolf that he is he dosent get angry often, he tries to stay happy afraid of losing those close to him, he is rarely ever angry unless you press one of his buttons, most of which have to do with his past.
History:Derek was one and a half living with his birth pack down in the plains, mother, father, and four younger siblings, Eyra, Benavie, Curran and Draco. Fires were very common in that part of the world, and practically a daily fear in summer. His pack had suffered many fires, but the last one that came was the most fierce. It hit late at night, his mother were in the den with his barley three week siblings when it started. It happened quickly, they were able to get Eyra, Benavie and Draco, out before a tree fell and blocked the entrance trapping his mother, father and brother Curran inside. Getting the rest to safety, Derek watched his home burn to the ground. Until this day he can still hear them crying out as their voices slowly became weaker and died out, He can hear their desperate cries of help as he herded the rest of his family away.. Three months later he was the last of the Dawns Light Pack, for the others had slowly died of starvation, so he left in search of something new and bright, and tried to escape from the haunting voices of his past.
Description: (Below)
Likes: Jokes, quiet places such as ponds
Dislikes: Enclosed area's and loud roaring noises

Picture drawn and colored by me. (Better one coming)


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